Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I did it!

I completed my first sewing project - well, two projects really. I brought home my mom's sewing machine from our last visit up to Bellingham because I wan
ted to make curtains for our bedrooms. We recently put new windows in our house and they were still sweating over night due to our light-blocking blinds - which if not taken care of leads to gross mold and mildew. So, I decided that having curtains would still allow for privacy, but would also have better air-flow to stop the sweating. My mom gave me a quick tutorial at her house and then sent me home with her machine. I took advantage of JoAnn's super Veteran's Day sale and picked up 4 yards of material in each print. I followed this simple tutorial by Design Sponge, but made 2 panels for each window.I
started with Brynn's room and learned a lot in the process. My hems didn't ever quite line up; they were wide enough to cover the window, but not the whole rod when shut; the length was great, but a bit longer would be nicer. Here they are:

So when I got around to Parker's I had a frame of reference to go from. Plus, the fabric in Parker's print was much easier to cut and press because all of the dots were in straight lines. This second set has much better coverage on the window and the hems line up! Here they are:

I'm not sure that I've caught the sewing bug quite yet, but I do have plans for another project or two. If they turn out well, I can foresee a new hobby in the future.