Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crochet Cowl for the Kiddies

My almost 4 year old daughter watched as I made a couple of cowls over the holiday season. She asked if I could make one for her, but when I looked around online I didn't really see anything specific for kids. So, I attempted to work up my own pattern. The first attempt was way too large so I passed it on to our neighbor's nieces for them to enjoy. Prior to that, I had her snap a photo of me wearing it.

Since practice makes perfect, the second attempt turned out just right. Brynn loves the color, especially because there is a shiny piece of tinsel running throughout to give it that sparkly, shimmer that little girls love.

Just in case you are interested in making one of your own, either for your little one or yourself - here's what I did:

Material: Red Heart Shimmer, turquoise; 2 skeins
Crochet Hook: 10 mm

** I used 2 strands of the Red Heart held together. You can use any worsted weight yarn, two strands held together - or- a bulky weight yarn.

Kid's (Adult) Cowl Pattern:

Chain until length measures 20-21 (28-30) inches. Count number of chains, be sure that you have an odd number. Crochet loosely, to allow for a bit more stretch in the finished product.

Join together with a slip stitch to beginning chain, being careful not to twist. You now have a circle. This pattern is worked continually in a spiral without joining rounds.

*sc in first ch; hdc in next ch* Continue from * to * around to end of round (no need to join in the end of the round, just keep on going).

Continue to alternate sc and hdc around until you reach your desired length - 7-8" (12-13"). Fasten off. Weave in ends.

You will notice that by alternating the stitches, you are working each stitch into the other. What I mean is that each sc will be worked into a hdc of the previous round, and vice-versa.

Hope this makes sense. It's a quick, fun pattern to whip up. The one for Brynn only took me about an hour.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Found it via Ravelry, and making one for my sister for her birthday right now. :)