Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Critter Cap with Flower

This one will be hard to give up. I am listing it on ArtFire and if it doesn't sell there, I'll offer it to Compass Rose in the fall. Really, I'd like to keep it for Brynn; I really like the color combination. I think I may have enough yarn left to do another one in the same combination or at least the opposite with coral as the main color rather than blue. I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease and found that it is a nice blend for making the Critter Caps - it makes them a bit softer. I'll be trying out a few other materials before deciding which is the best.

As I mentioned earlier, I am posting items on ArtFire. My seller name is hookedinthesound. You can go directly to my site by typing in This site is just like Etsy, only free to list on. I do not know if it is very popular yet, so I am only putting a few items on to see how it goes. I think the warm weather has slowed down sales of the newsboy caps at Simple Cloth. I have not heard from her for a while. This is giving me an opportunity to make a few more hats. I am working on a couple of stocking caps for the fall and will be adding a few to the online shops soon.

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