Friday, April 29, 2011

Booties for Baby Olive

I have never crocheted a pair of booties before. I saw this free pattern for "Simple Baby Booties" and thought they were so cute. The pattern was written in a way that I had never crocheted before, so it took some reading and trial and error to get the soles just right. I also had difficulty following the portion of the pattern to create the toe, so I just ended up adapting it to my needs. The first bootie, the left one, is a bit larger than the second one but not enough to make me want to re-work it. Although this particular pair is being gifted to Baby Olive, upon her arrival, I am going to be working up a pair for Parker. I tried them on her feet and loved the way they looked. Parker manages to kick all socks and most moccasins off of her feet, but these little booties stayed on pretty well. I can hardly wait to meet Baby Olive and see her in these booties!

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  1. Very cute!, I need to figure out how to crochet.