Monday, May 11, 2009


So, I've decided that nothing really compares to cotton when creating a newsboy cap. I've tried a couple of bamboo blends and they cannot stiffen up enough to make a substantial brim on the cap.

Even when I give the brim a firm tug forward, all it wants to do is lay flat on the forehead (see photo). I think the bamboo would be great for any other type of hat, but just not for the newsboy. I still have yet to hear back from Compass Rose in regard to my "road-block" but hopefully they will still be interested in my caps. For now, I am creating caps to post on Etsy and to give to friends. We will be heading up to Seattle to visit Marshall's brother Chandler and his fiance, Kyle. Kyle has a 4 year old neice and a 1 year old nephew. I am crocheting caps for both of those kids, maybe they'll help me get the Hooked in the Sound name out in that area.