Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Own Domain

As recommended by a friend of mine, I secured my own domain name for Hooked in the Sound. This means that if you simply type in - my new webpage will pop up. I am still going to sell everything through Etsy for now and keep posting on Blogger. But I figured my information would be much easier to find if it was simply the name of my business. If any of you out there are considering doing the same, check out they have good rates.

In the mean time I am still trying to finish the order for Compass Rose, but I have had a couple of positive interferences: an Etsy order for a Critter Cap; another special order for Simple Cloth. So, business is pretty good for right now.

I hope to have some sunhats done before summer is over. It seems as though baby Emelia gets a lot of compliments on her hand-me-down hat that I made for Brynn last year, so I want to create some more.