Monday, August 10, 2009

New Embellishments

All along I have been embellishing my hats with flowers. I just recently completed a silk/bamboo stocking cap that I adorned with a star - very cute. I think it works for either a little boy or girl. I will be trying out a couple of other things this winter to dress up the plain-old stocking caps; things like: butterflies, veggies/fruit, and maybe monogrammed letters. Anyway I am pleased with the star and curious to hear what you think in regard to being for either boy or girl.

Okay, I didn't think so but . . . Brynn really looks like my sister did when she was this age - especially the bottom photo - Crazy!


  1. The bottom one does a bit. That's funny. I guess we know she will be a knock out when she is older! LOL! She is such a chameleon though and is always looking different especially in hats!

  2. By the way the second picture down on your July 28th post is so Courtney!!!!