Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another New Embellishment

I am picking up another local store to sell my hats in. It is called The Chifferobe. They will be selling my Critter Caps as well as embellished Silk/Bamboo Stocking Caps. To start, this store will be selling the items on consignment, which will allow us some time to determine whether or not the hats will be successful there. So, to add to the flower and star embellishments I tried a fig leaf. I used the same silk/bamboo to create the leaf, so it turned out really huge. The idea was that the hat could be unisex, but after creating it I fear it is still much too girly (mainly due to the size of the leaf). What do you guys think? It also was very time consuming to complete the leaf. I think I'll have to try another variety next time. In addition to that, I think I'll also try to find some thin, DK or feather weight yarn to create them with. I like the idea of a leaf, but am not too sure about this one in particular. Please give me some feedback as to what you think.

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